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Some Measurements from experts about YUJILEDS Sunlight Technology LED

Some Measurements from experts about YUJILEDS Sunlight Technology LED

Delta optical thin film

Delta optical thin film focuses on complex optical filter technology for more than 50 years and it is one of the first companies to produce ultra-hard-coated optical filters. Today, the design and manufacture of high-performance fluorescence filters are the main business, and with the in-house design and production tools, Delta continues to meet the needs of discerning OEM customers.

During the evaluation of Yujileds® sunlight technology LEDs, Delta Linear Variable Bandpass Filters (LVVISBP) is applied for the measurement. The measurement procedure is as simple as putting the filters in front of the light sources, but the phenomenon is noticeable by naked eyes directly, especially when compared to a fluorescent lamp and standard LED. Spectrum theory sometimes is difficult to understand but this measurement perfectly explains the relationship between spectral and visual differences. Every detail in the spectrum could be presented in the result after the filters, and eventually the importance and value of a full-spectrum LED should be widely accepted.

Yujileds Sunlight Technology  Delta optical thin film

Opto-transmitter Environmental Protection Technology e.V.(OUT e.V.)

Opto-transmitter Environmental Protection Technology e.V. is an industrial research facility for the promotion of science and research in the fields of micro and optoelectronics, microsystems technology, medical technology and biotechnology, sensor technology and safety technologies and the business is not for profit. OUT e.V. processes the detailed and impartial measurements on Yujileds VTC series LED for a comprehensive performance of different working temperatures and electrical currents. Apparently, the photoelectronic parameters perform stably which makes the VTC series LED adaptive for wide applications.

Yujileds Opto-transmitter Environmental Protection Technology

Indie Cinema Academy

Indie Cinema Academy is a professional organization focusing on providing the education of film school level concepts and techniques to bring the audience’s video projects up to the level of the masters. Indie Cinema Academy makes the skills accessible and explains every step of the way the hows and whys of the camera and lighting choices. Lighting plays the decisive role in film shooting and Indie Cinema Academy has done a great job of collecting all LED databases from the market to compare the color rendition quality and rank the different brands or products. CRI and TM-30 are both evaluated considering the rationality and impartiality to the professional level. Yujileds® sunlight technology LED gets the runner-up with CRI Ra 98.4, CRI Re 97.5, TLCI 99.5, CQS 97, Rf 97 and Rg 100, only defeated by the sun.

Yujileds Sunlight Technology  sun
YUJI LEDS Sunlight Technology  yuji-vtc
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