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2-in-1 Tunable White 3032 SMD LED

2-in-1 Tunable White 3032 SMD LED

Tunable white, or bi-color, has come about in LED lighting for years. For human centric lighting or cinematography lighting which requires a tunable
spectrum, bi-color LED has already been widely applied in many products. So far, most tunable white LEDs on the market are separated individual white colors. However, when it comes to special projects which desire not only bi-color effect but also limited space of illumination or high illuminating density, YUJILEDS® new 3032 series is a preferable option.

The 3032 LED is 3.0mm*3.2mm large with 150mA (typical 3V) rated current for each color. The standard version includes combinations of 3200K + 5600K, or 2700K + 6500K, both of which are high CRI (Figure 1). It offers typically 55lm (5600K) with typical 120lm/W efficacy.

Figure 1. Standard options of 3032 LED.

Optimization for specific using environments.

Let's compared the designs of a PCB with individual bi-color LEDs to that with the 3032 LEDs. When assembling the LEDs into a high density matrix, there will be a significant difference. Figure 2 simulates a specific case of 1 ft × 1 ft panel with separated bi-color LEDs to achieve high density compared to the solution with the 3032 LEDs. Apparently the 3032 one can not only achieve twice the power within the same limitation of size but also enable easier electrical design.

Figure 2. Comparison of individual bi-color LEDs and 3032 2-in-1 on LED panels.

The 3032 LED offers easier diffusion capability as well because if offers a light source that is close to a spot. Figure 3 shows the effect after the diffusor compared to the individual bi-color LEDs when applied in a lighting fixture.
In addition, the 3032 LED is friendly for linear fixture design because of its compact structure . A direct advantage is reduced PCB width and thinner/narrower side emitting lights, with the same diffused effect compared to individual bi-color LEDs (Figure 4).

Figure 3. Comparison of individual bi-color and 3032 LEDs when applied in the lighting fixture with diffuser.

Figure 4 . Comparison of individual bi-color and 3032 LEDs when applied in the linear lighting fixture with diffuser.

Flexibility for customization.

YUJILEDS® offers the service of customizing specific color/CCT combinations for lighting designers. Examples includes but not limited to the following combinations presented in Figure 5.

Figure 5. Examples of CCT/color customization on 3032 LED.

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