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NEW RELEASE | Artists Daylight 5000K LED Light
NEW RELEASE | Artists Daylight 5000K LED Light
YUJILEDS: Exclusive Led Circadian Light Sources Provider for International Space Station

YUJILEDS: Exclusive Led Circadian Light Sources Provider for International Space Station

We are going to space!

Recently, SAGA Space Architects releases its Circadian Lighting Project, working together with European Space Agency (ESA) to launch research focusing on how the light panel helps astronauts obtain a natural circadian rhythm on the International Space Station (ISS). The circadian light panels will be sent to the ISS in June 2023 along with Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen.

YUJILEDS, as SAGA's exclusive partner in lighting, is highly involved in the improvement of this project, providing main lighting solution, which means that Yuji’s products will be recognized as the highest level of the lighting industry. This is our second collaboration with SAGA after the successful completion of the 2021 lunar lander simulation project-the LUNARK.

Yuji circadian light

Why is circadian light important for space station missions?

Circadian science is a term that has historically been associated with sleep but which actually has broader significance. It has been acknowledged that the circadian system affects everything people do: work, exercise, relaxation, and especially sleep. But when you go to space, you move away from the strong circadian rhythm of the Earth, away from the 24-hour cues provided by the light-dark cycle which leads to a requirement of the installation of a sophisticated LED lighting system tuned to different colors to reflect morning and evening and enhance the diurnal rhythm.

Yuji WELL24 Day and Nite series products, based on Yujileds® Wlbeing technology-the well-designed spectral engineering for circadian rhythm stimulus help improve sleep and build the right circadian clock. It’s not only astronauts, frequent travelers, or shift workers could benefit from this device as well.

Humans are driven to explore the unknown, discover new worlds, push the boundaries of our scientific and technical limits, and then push further. So does Yuji.

For a long time, Yuji has devoted itself to LED technology and is dedicated to solving lighting problems for various industries with our phosphor technology and spectral engineering abilities. Going to space brings us sufficient motivation and confidence to further develop our lighting business.

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