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NEW RELEASE | Full Spectrum High Efficiency D50 5000K Standard Illuminant LED Strip
NEW RELEASE | Full Spectrum High Efficiency D50 5000K Standard Illuminant LED Strip
YUJILEDS new 2in1 Tunable LED Module

YUJILEDS new 2in1 Tunable LED Module

With the compact design, Yuji 2in1 Tunable LED Module is possible to achieve the uniform CCT tuning within one LED package, and the module supports "daisy-chain" in vertical or horizontal. It is completely flexible to combine the individual modules to different sizes or types.

The features are as follows. 

  1. Smooth light tuning This light panel equipped with Yuji new developed 2in1 3032 tunable white led package. This could minimize the deviation of the beam emitted caused by "tuning gaps" while tuning dual CCT products. As it can be seen from the picture below, conventional dual CCT light panel mostly has half of warm white LEDs and half of cold white LEDs, then an interesting thing would be happened when tuning from, let's say 2700K to 6500K, that the light beam emitted from the position of 2700K LEDs to the position of 6500K, that is what it is called "tuning gaps", hence narrow the tuning gaps can effectively improve the visual effect and smoothness of tuning and Yuji 2in1 tunable white led package integrated both warm white and cold white into one led package to minimize the tuning gaps.

  1. Flexible panel splicing combination
    This light panel equipped with Wago connectors on the edge of up, down, left and right side, which is able to achieve fuction of splicing combination by using multiple panels without as to build a larger and more powerful lighting surface or even a light wall, such as 1x2, 2x2 or 3x3 arrays, for different applications.

3. High compatibility for controllers

This light panel has 4 poles which are "+""-" at 2700K and "+""-" at 6500K. Comparing with common anode tunable light panels in the market which have 3 poles - one anode, one 2700K and one 6500K, Yuji's light panel can be compatible with more controllers.

Light quality

Color quality is maintained as Yujileds standard performance. CRI is 95+ at both warm white and daylight, precise color temperatures without any deviation. It is a promising solution for designer, photographers and architects.




CIE-1931 Chromaticity Coordinates



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