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YujiLights™ High CRI 95+ A19 LED Dimmable Filament Bulb

YujiLights™ High CRI 95+ A19 LED Dimmable Filament Bulb

YUJILEDS® have released an upgraded filament LED bulb that provides up to 650lm brightness and CRI 95+ perfect color rendition, while adding a touch of vintage flare to your home or business by its antique design.

LED filament light bulbs are designed to resemble the traditional incandescent bulbs with filaments for aesthetic and light distribution purposes, but with much higher efficiency of the LED light sources. LED filaments—strings of diodes are series-connected so as to resemble the appearance of the filaments of incandescent bulbs. Moreover, as they are made to have the same envelope shapes, the same base types that fit the same sockets, and work at the same voltage, they can directly replace conventional incandescent bulbs while providing much longer lifetime with much less energy consumed.

YujiLights™ A19 LED filament bulb is such an excellent replacement and upgrade of the conventional filament bulb. It not only resembles the classic look and feel of the traditional bulb, but also provides CRI 95+ high quality light, with more energy-saving and more comfortable lighting experience. Enjoy the benefits it provides that include:

  • Unique filament design: helps add a vintage vibe to your standard light bulb featuring a coiled filament design and transparent globe cover.
  • Long lifetime: it lasts up to 15,000 hours which makes it easier to maintain illumination for much longer time than conventional incandescent bulbs.
  • CRI 95+ color rendition: this bulb features an excellent color rendition ability over 95+ that can dramatically improve the appearance of the objects, places or people you want to shine on, especially when color presentation, appearance and differentiation are critical.
  • Dimming function: it is 10%-100% dimmable so that you are free to set the mood by adjusting the brightness.
  • Energy saving: LED light sources are much more energy efficient that helps save your money on electric bills. In the meantime long lifetime means less bulbs to purchase and replace.
  • Broadly compatible: these bulbs are versatile and ideal for adding elegance and antiqueness to any chandelier, wall sconce, coach lantern or pendant for scenarios from outdoor lighting to centerpiece of any room or space.
  • Warm white glow: this bulb is available in warm white 2700K, the most commonly used and the most suitable color temperature for most residential and indoor scenarios.

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