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What is a LED COB?

LED COB, with COB standing for “Chip-on-Board”, is a type of LED which consists of an array of LED chips mounted on a substrate such as silicon carbide, phosphor. It features compactness, energy efficiency and outstanding uniformity of brightness.
YUJILEDS® High Lumen Density (HLD) series COB provides supreme high CRI no less than 95. Various power options from 5W to 1500W, with luminous flux up to 120,000 lm. These high-power LEDs can be applied in both industrial or homebrew projects in a variety of applications demanding high color quality and light output.

What are the features of LED COB?

LED COB (Chip on Board) has some unique features that make it a popular choice in the lighting industry.

1. Homogeneous luminosity

LED COB produces excellent uniformity of light compared to other LED. It sends out a concentrated and clean beam.

2. Compactness

COB chip LED consists of multiple diodes mounted on a single substrate, which reduces the volume of the light and makes it more compact. This design makes it convenient to be utilized for various applications.

3. Energy efficiency

COB LED is a highly energy-efficient lighting option. It has greater energy efficiency than other types of LED, producing a brighter light output while consuming less energy.

4. Durable

COB LED lights are designed to be durable. The chips are directly mounted on the substrate, which eliminates the need for spot welding and reduces the failure rate of the light. The low thermal resistance of COB LED ensures conductivity, reliability, and a longer lifespan. Overall, the design makes these lights a reliable and long-lasting choice.

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    YUJILEDS® CRI 95+ 5mm 9W COB LED 2700K 3200K 4000K - HD5 - 10pcs

    FEATURES CRI 95+ light quality 9W nominal power consumption Smaller light emission surface (Ф5mm) Excellent heat-dissipating capacity 13.5mm×13.5...

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