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Color Inspection Lighting

Color Inspection Lighting

Standardized lighting is needed for color inspection

When an object is being observed by the human eye, its color is a result of the surrounding lighting conditions and the reflection of the object. Combined with the complex nature of the human eye, the slightest variation in lighting and environment can produce significant color difference. An object may appear entirely different in different environments. For industries that require consistent color appearance of the materials or the products, the best way to guarantee that is to make sure that all colors are viewed in a strictly controlled environment that is built in line with industry standards. Therefore standards are established by respective industries for color viewing and assessment.
YujiLEDs developed its own line of standard lights for such applications. Based on its expertise in LED recipe and custom design, it is able to create and provide the most accurate and consistent lighting conditions for color viewing and assessment that meet different industry standards. No matter it is for new material development, color matching, product evaluation and inspection, or quality control, our standardized lights can perfectly serve your purposes.
    color inspection

    D50 - Standard illuminant for printing industry & graphic arts

    The printing and graphic arts industries have adopted ISO 3664:2009 “Graphic technology and photography– Viewing conditions” standard that specifies D50 daylight viewing conditions.
    The standard regulates the viewing conditions for the color proofing of originals and reproductions in the printing and graphic arts industries. It specifies the requirements for color quality, light intensity, evenness of illumination, evenness, surrounding conditions and geometry. Differences in any of these aspects may have great impacts on the color observation and final appearance of the object.
    The standard provides a specific spectral energy distribution between 300 nm and 780 nm for the D50 standard light source. Some of the other requirements:
    - Chromaticity coordinates (u’10 = 0.2102, v’10 =0.4889) with a tolerance of max. 0.005
    - CRI ≥90
    - MIVIS < 1.0 (Metamerism Index VIS)
    - MIUV < 1.5 (Metamerism Index UV)
    D50 spectrum

    D65 Standard Illuminant for Industrial Color Assessment

    Similar to D50, D65 refers to a standard illuminant of 6500 K, defined by ISO 3668 "Visual comparison of the color of paints". The standard describes all the parameters required to ensure color viewing and matching, such as viewing and ambient conditions. It is mainly applied in manufacturing industries that have sample or product color evaluation process involved. The countless applications D65 standard serves include:
    - Automotive accessories and interior parts
    - Food processing
    - Agricultural product quality
    - Pharmaceuticals
    - Chemicals
    - Furniture
    - Coatings and finishes
    - Plastics
    - Textiles and leather

    Standard illuminant for color viewing all kinds of materials

    YujiLEDs creates standard viewing environment for color assessment of unlimited materials and textures.
    - Printed materials
    - Textiles and leather
    - Dyes, pigments and paints
    - Plastics
    - Ceramics and glass
    And all other applications that need color viewing.

    color inspection